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When you’re suffering from pain, you want to know only one thing: when will it end? Pain can come from many sources and in varying degrees, but no matter the source or severity, you need quick and long-lasting relief to get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Alpha-Stim® can give you long-lasting pain relief, quickly and safely. Many patients feel immediate results after just one treatment. Unlike medication, such as opioids frequently prescribed for pain relief, Alpha-Stim has no lasting side effects and no risk of addiction.

The Alpha-Stim® M is a handheld, prescription electrotherapy device that delivers advanced Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) directly to your pain site through an exclusive, patented waveform. The unique waveform uses a highly refined and extensively researched current to provide non-invasive, sustainable pain relief and pain management wherever and whenever you feel discomfort.




severe pain decreased
In a study of severe pain patients, Alpha-Stim significantly reduced pain by an average of 71% after only 5 treatments.1


post traumatic pain decreased
56% of patients at 3 months and 85% of patients at 6 months were somewhat or very satisfied with the Alpha-Stim device.2


chronic pain improved
Chronic pain patients using Alpha-Stim reported significantly improved functionality than the usual care and sham groups.3

What people are saying…

“Alpha-Stim has proven, over time, to be my reliable source for relief. It eliminates my severe and chronic pain, and restores a welcomed and peaceful sense of well-being.” – Jack McCalister, US Military Veteran, Oklahoma

“For the first time in years, I am off all pain medications and my anxiety is under control. With Alpha Stim, I can control the pain of my osteoarthritis! This has made such a huge difference in my life. Anxiety – gone. Pain – under control.” – Julie Perkins, Texas

“The Alpha-Stim has changed my life: after a decade of debilitating pain, I can walk, sleep, and function again.” – Captain Justin Powers, US Military Veteran, Minnesota

“As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, Alpha-Stim has stood the test of time yet remains at the forefront of electromedicine. Our players continue to use the unit at home with satisfactory results. The units hold up well, and the players can understand protocol directions. We have use the probes with some good results in pain reduction and relief. Thanks again for your continued support and help in keeping the Cowboys healthy.” – Jim D. Maurer, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys, Texas

I am probably the most skeptical person when it comes to anything dealing with pain management due to the 14 month period that everything under the sun was tried, and nothing worked except surgery. I still have a few uncomfortable spots still, and during rehabilitation, I injured my lower back. I was sent back to pain management for my back and I immediately told them that nothing they did for my neck worked, and that I was not willing to go through that again for my back. The nurse told me she wanted to run some tests on me, and after 8 sessions I was provided an Alpha-Stim machine. All I have to say is that this machine has provided tremendous relief of both my lower back, my anxiety, and my overall sleep! – Jason Olds, US Veteran


Survey Shows Patients Feel Better with Alpha-Stim Than with Drugs

Aging Adults are Not Immune to Addiction

The opioid crisis in the United States has been making headlines over and over again lately – and for good reason. According to the CDC, more than 700,000 people died from a drug overdose between 1999 and 2017, and the majority of drug overdose deaths in 2017 involved...
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Alpha-Stim Helps Veteran Drastically Reduce Reliance on Opioids

Military men and women often face physical and mental health struggles as a direct result of their service. They may sustain physical injuries during training or combat, or even just from the daily grind of hauling around their equipment. Insomnia is also common in...
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Alpha-Stim Team Urges U.S. Lawmakers to Revise Mental Health Protocol for Service Members and Veterans

Pictured in above image: Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer, EPI President Tracey B. Kirsch, Representative Mike Conaway, and EPI Board Member Chris Weidenhammer.  As a nation, we rely on our military men and women to protect us; we admire their bravery and owe a...
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Some Brain Stimulation Wearables Make False Claims. Alpha-Stim is Backed by Science and the FDA

By now, you’ve likely heard the term “wearable technology.” It’s a booming trend in the health and wellness industry, with devices claiming to do everything from improving your sleep to correcting your posture to relieving your pain. More recently, brain stimulation...
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New Mobile App for Alpha-Stim is Now Available

Chances are, you use your phone for much more than just making calls. You can download an app for just about anything, from driving directions to weather reports to finding lost car keys or errant dogs. You can also use your phone to monitor and track various aspects...
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Alpha-Stim® Treats Dental Pain, Too!

You may already know that Alpha-Stim® is a fast, safe, and effective treatment for insomnia. It is a drug-free medical device that brings longer, better sleep to users. But insomnia relief is not the only benefit of using Alpha-Stim; it can also alleviate dental pain....
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United States Army Bomb Technician Finds Relief with Alpha-Stim®

Selfless service. Personal courage. These are two of the core Army values that men and women in uniform vow to uphold while serving in that branch of the U.S. Military. While every day of service requires courage and selflessness, it takes a special kind of grit to...
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Poor Sleep and Chronic Pain are Related: Break the Cycle with Alpha-Stim®

The relationship between chronic pain and sleep disorders, such as insomnia, is more complex than it may seem: new research from the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders shows that it’s not as simple as physical discomfort being the direct cause of disrupted sleep...
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“The Solution to the Opioid Crisis No One is Talking About”

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association and held in Las Vegas, convened a panel of experts for a discussion called “The Solution to the Opioid Crisis No One is Talking About.” Doctors and engineers from across the nation...
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FAQ: What Happens if I Use Alpha-Stim Wrong?

Treating insomnia and pain with Alpha-Stim® is fast, safe, and easy. Not only will your device arrive with a detailed owner’s manual, but you can also call our dedicated Clinical Support Team for free at 1-800-FOR-PAIN. If, despite reviewing the instructions, you are...
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FAQ: Will I Need to Use Alpha-Stim Every Day for the Rest of My Life?

You’re interested in Alpha-Stim, or maybe you’re already using it, but you wonder what it will take to sustain relief. Once you start to feel better, will you need to use Alpha-Stim every day for the rest of your life? Will you need to increase the frequency or...
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5 Simple Steps to Pain Relief with Alpha-Stim

How to use Alpha-Stim Smart Probes to relieve acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain Alpha-Stim® is a handheld medical device that brings fast, safe, and effective relief from acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain. With Alpha-Stim, microcurrent electrical therapy...
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How does Alpha-Stim® Compare to Pain Relief Wearables?

Wearable technology is currently a big trend. There are devices that can track your fitness, correct your posture, monitor how much water you drink, and assess the quality of your sleep, to name a few. You may also have noticed a crop of wearables that are designed to...
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FAQ: What Type of Batteries Should I use?

Alpha-Stim® is a handheld, battery-powered medical device. Your Alpha-Stim will arrive with AA lithium batteries to get you started. Here are some important things to know when it’s time to change the batteries in your device. Do not use rechargeable batteries –...
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When Will I See Results with Alpha-Stim®?

Alpha-Stim® is a fast, safe, and effective treatment for insomnia and pain, bringing significant relief to 9 out of 10 users. But when you are suffering from these conditions, you want to know exactly how fast and how effective Alpha-Stim really is. In this blog, we...
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Numbness Can Be More Disruptive than Pain

An alarming number of people live with chronic pain. According to the National Institutes of Health, It is one of the most common causes of long-term disability, and it affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Many people experience...
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Alpha-Stim® is Key Part of U.S. Navy Pain Management Initiative

Written by Petty Officer 1st Class Laura Myers for dvids (Defense Visual Information Distribution Service) September is Pain Awareness Month. Various organizations use this time to raise awareness of issues of pain and pain management. Naval Medical Center...
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Not Satisfied with your Current CES Device? Trade it in for Alpha-Stim®!

As a consumer, you have options; Alpha-Stim is certainly not the only CES device on the market. As with most products, there are a wide range of brands available, with an equally wide range of quality. It can be confusing to determine which is the best fit for you,...
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Alpha-Stim®: A Safe Alternative for Aging Adults

The United States is in the thick of an opioid crisis. In October 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared the situation a Public Health Emergency, citing the fact that more than 140 Americans die each day from overdoses. Opioids come in...
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A Letter from a Grateful Veteran

Successes are frequent among people who use Alpha-Stim® to treat their insomnia and pain: the CES device brings clinically significant relief to 9 out of 10 users. Even so, some success stories are so exceptional that patients reach out to Alpha-Stim directly to share...
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What Makes Alpha-Stim® Better Than Other CES Devices?

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Army Medical Center Uses Alpha-Stim® As Key Part of Holistic Approach

William Beaumont Army Medical Center has been a leader in pain management innovations since the early 2000’s, when the global war on terror began. WBAMC pioneered “the first alternative medicine center in the Department of Defense,” according to special project...
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Alpha-Stim Inventor Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch Featured in “The Pain Practitioner”

Alpha-Stim®’s own Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch is featured in the Summer 2018 issue of The Pain Practitioner. The magazine, which is published quarterly by the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, spoke with Dr. Kirsch for their issue focusing on “Electric Medicine +...
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Clinical Support Troubleshooting: What to do If You Are Not Feeling Any Effects

If you have recently ordered an Alpha-Stim®, or even if you are a longtime user, you may have questions about whether you are getting the best treatment possible. We are here to help! In this article, we’ll cover some common issues that may prevent your device from...
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Alpha-Stim® Praised in USA Today Expert Panel on Opioid Crisis

USA Today recently sponsored a panel of experts in the field of substance abuse to share their insights on the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis. Part of the USA Today Opioid campaign, the purpose of the panel was to shed light on the scope of the stigma attached to...
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How It Works

The sensation of pain is transmitted through your body along billions of nerve cells that are specifically designed to transmit pain messages through electrochemical signals.4 The Alpha-Stim M electrotherapy device uses a microcurrent waveform effectively modulates the signals within the cell to provide significant pain relief and pain management.

Applied directly at the site of pain using hand-held probes or attachable electrodes (whichever may be easier for you to apply), the Alpha-Stim M offers non-invasive, fast relief of many types of pain, including acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain.

Alpha-Stim is also an effective form of pain management, designed to help you avoid or reduce the need for pain medications, but it is safe to use in conjunction with prescriptions or over-the-counter medications, if needed.

Additionally, the Alpha-Stim M electrotherapy device is able to deliver Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) therapy. CES is proven to relieve symptoms of insomnia that usually accompanies pain.

How it works

We use the Alpha Stim unit for a range of post-traumatic pain secondary to soft tissue, bone and nerve injuries and have had good success. It is a safe, efficient and clinically effective tool that we now use on a regular basis here at Everton Football Club.

Joe Hinnigan, Physiotherapist, Everton Football Club

Our hospitals are doing some really exciting things to combat chronic pain and take care of our veterans. There are VA hospitals that are using alpha-stimulation devices to treat pain. That’s only going to continue and keep getting better. And we are getting there.  

Robert McDonald, VA Secretary

As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, Alpha-Stim has stood the test of time yet remains at the forefront of electromedicine.

Jim D. Maurer, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys, Texas

This treatment has changed my life and has given me my weekends back. Thank you for this gift, Alpha-Stim.

Regina McGlothlin, MD, PeaceHealth Medical Group

For immediate pain relief…Alpha-Stim has no equivalent. There is no modality available that will give as quick and profound relief.

Jack L. Haden, DDS, Past President of the American Academy of Head, Neck, Facial Pain, and TMJ Orthopedics

The Alpha-Stim device is easy to use and has been well received by our players. The consensus here has been very positive.

Kevin P. O’Neill, MS, ATC, Former Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys, Texas

With the help of Alpha-Stim, I can now go up and down stairs like a normal person—without the pain and discomfort that I have had since 1942.

Bud Rome, US Military veteran, New Jersey

Alpha-Stim has proven, over time, to be my reliable source for relief. It eliminates my severe and chronic pain, and restores a welcomed and peaceful sense of well-being.

Jack McCalister, US Military veteran, Oklahoma

The Alpha-Stim has changed my life: after a decade of debilitating pain, I can walk, sleep, and function again.

Captain Justin Powers, US Military veteran, Minnesota

I have never been more grateful for this life-altering device that helps me deal with my pain. Alpha-Stim truly has improved my quality of life by 1,000%.

Robert Rosenblatt, Georgia

I would highly recommend the use of Alpha-Stim to anyone; it has helped me to experience less pain and enjoy life every day.

Alan J. Mand, US Military veteran, Virginia

With Alpha-Stim, I am confident I will be able to function normally once again, without any side effects.

Doreen Murphy, Texas

Alpha-Stim got me over ‘the hump’ and made pain manageable…with continued signs of improvement. Thank you for helping me take my life back.

Mitchell Leffert, Tennessee

In 2006, I was seen by a pain specialist and was prescribed the Alpha-Stim. Since then, I have used it with considerable lessening of pain severity, frequency, and duration.


To all who suffer from the detrimental effects of injury, insomnia, or depression: I whole heartedly applaud and recommend Alpha-Stim to you!

Rae S. Atkins, New Jersey

I personally plan to utilize the Alpha-Stim product as often as possible. I would just like to tell anyone with chronic pain problems to try this machine. It really works.

Howard Gulledge, Specialist, United States Army

I get daily relief from pain and my condition is improving, thanks in part to Alpha-Stim. It gets me through my day!

Alan R.

My car accident left me with injuries that I continue to battle with on a daily basis. The Alpha-Stim is remarkable, and I recommend it to anyone that wants their life back.

Lyn K. Olivas, California

I used the Alpha-Stim for about 8 weeks. The effects were amazing and helped reduce the pain length, severity, and frequency.

Kenneth F. Dietrich, Arizona

Several months back, I had severe pain and was unable to walk for over two months…I started to use Alpha-Stim, and in two days I was pain free. It has made such a difference in my life.

James Dewey, California

Start relieving your pain today.



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